Profitable Purchasing – Negotiation Training


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Training benefits
You expand your wealth of experience in conducting negotiations with the aim of bringing negotiations with sellers or suppliers more easily to the desired result.
You save a lot of time in preparation and implementation of negotiations. You achieve the best possible negotiation result in a straightforward, planable and easy to implement way. You learn to reach walls, to test and to reveal bluffs of the other side. At the same time you preserve your personal authentic style and connect your personality with professional negotiating skills.

• In this way you influence the result of the negotiation in advance. Create better starting conditions for upcoming negotiations with departments, users and demand centers.
• In training you develop your own negotiation compendium. For each step of the flowchart, you will collect formulation examples, speech patterns and instructions. Do this, do that, ask this, say that exactly as you can use it in practice 1: 1
• Plan your negotiations - once and for all! With the Strategy and Tactical Plan you will achieve significantly better results in the future with less preparation.
• This is how you achieve the optimal negotiation result. They collect ideal formulations in order to backlight and use the decision-making network of the supplier "further concession yes or no".
• Seller blockade: "There is nothing left!". You know that? The trial comes to a halt. In the future, you will be glad about it. Because you are practicing how to effectively find those limits and how to separate Bluff from Truth. Take advantage of Wall Breaker: Learn how to overcome rubber masonry to secure additional savings for your business.
• Practical discussions: Beyond the practice cases, we can discuss your personal challenges and develop tailor-made solutions for you
• On request, we also offer negotiation exercises with and without video feedback. You will not be put to the test, but will receive a training platform that will help you to walk around with the new tools step by step.